David A. Nash is Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky, where he was the William R. Willard Professor of Dental Education in the College of Dentistry and Professor of Pediatric Dentistry until his retirement in 2018. He held joint appointments as Professor of Behavioral Science in the College of Medicine, and Professor of Public Health Ethics in the College of Public Health.

A graduate of the College of Dentistry at Kentucky in 1968, Nash completed post-doctoral specialty education in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Iowa. He has also earned a doctorate in Higher Education Administration. Prior to returning to Kentucky is 1987 as Dean of the College of Dentistry, he held teaching positions in Pediatric Dentistry at Louisiana State University and West Virginia University. Nash served as Dean of the UK College of Dentistry from 1987-1997, subsequent to which he returned to the faculty to teach Professional Ethics and Pediatric Dentistry. He is the author of over 150 publications in the literature of dentistry.

In 1992, Nash established what is thought to be the first comprehensive Professional Ethics curriculum in American dental schools. He served as professor for each of the courses in the curriculum until retirement. In 1994, he led in the establishment of the University of Kentucky Hospital Ethics Committee and served as it chair until 2005. He has also addressed the issue of ethics in the profession of dentistry at a number of national forums, and has written frequently on the topic in a variety of journals.